Should there be a recess/social time period built into the school day for 7th and 8th graders at ACA?

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Braydon Webb
01/14/2013 10:11am

I think that recess is a crucial part of keeping children healthy and fit. If they are cooped up in a classroom their whole school day, they will be 1)more energetic in class, 2)they will most likely be more obese that a child that exercises, and 3)will not concentrate on schoolwork. I have a feeling ACA would be a better school for both the students and the parents if recess was part of the daily curriculum.

Mr. Herr
01/14/2013 11:57am


While I tend to agree with your points of contention about energy, obesity, and focus, I'm not entirely clear on the logistics of a recess plan at ACA. For starters, would recess become a set class period? If so, what class would we be omitting from our school day in order to make room for recess? Perhaps you believe that no classes should be omitted. In that case, how much longer would the school day need to be if all classes remained in tact? Unitl 4:00? 4:30? 5:00? If in fact recess were to consume only a little bit of time, would other class periods become shorter? How would this plan work? Your plan seems to lack a specific solution.

Braydon Webb
01/14/2013 4:52pm

I am indeed lacking details. I would say maybe, 20 minutes if recess per day. In that case, if the duration if the school day were to stay the same, each class would only be 5 minutes shorter. Another option would be to integrate recess into a certain class(on a rotation)each day. The class recess was in would change. For example, here is an example schedule for a week;

Monday-recess for last 20 minutes of 1st period.
Tuesday-recess for last 20 minutes of 6th period
Etc. etc.
I feel that this would be effective. Another method would be to lengthen lunch for, say, 20 minutes. This would allow students to eat their lunch, and when they are finished they can go outside.

Ahmed Mostafa
01/15/2013 6:38pm

I think they should be a little bit of resses,because some kids really need to be healthy and in shape.But here is What I am concerned about kids either have a choice to play or a choice to sit and do nothing and most of those people are unhealthy and need to move around.But should not have the choice to play or not play I think they have to play

Ahmed Mostafa
01/15/2013 6:40pm

At least 20 to 25 min a day

Ahmed Mostafa
01/15/2013 6:45pm

For 7th and 8th graders because if you don't move you will get used to EATING POTATO CHIPS on the couch WHILE whaching TV

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:03pm

I agree with Ahmed.

01/19/2013 10:56pm

I think recess should be during the second half of kids' lunch, when most have finished eating and going outdoors is optional. Recess should only be given as a reward beause other wise kids could get carried away. My previous school had recess but student kept on miss behaving and it got taken away. I liked it and I think recess did help us to enjoy lunch a little more.

Matthew Luu
01/29/2013 11:17pm

I would have to dissagree whith Braydon. I believe that all the exercise a child needs is in P.E. Some students however, don't choose to participate which can lead to obesity. Giving students recess would just take away time for a student to learn unless students are willing to stay 30 minutes longer in school.

Anyse Dawson
01/14/2013 4:41pm

I don't think that it is necessary for students in 7th to 8th grade to have recess. This is my opinion because, yes, many children are obese, but for one, we stil have PE. In PE we have just as physical activity that we would if we had recess, even longer actually. Also, another argument against the obesity is that it is the fault of the parent to let the child get to that situation. Kids with or withot phiysical activity are at risk for high cholesterol, diabetes, and many other of these types of diseases. Another example is in the videoi when the parents said that their child only stays on video games. This is also the parent's fault. TELL THE CHILD TO GET UP AND GO OUTSIDE INSTEAD OF SITTING ON THEIR BEHIND PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!! Yes there are some workout video games, but eventually the child is going to get tired of it and play a different game or just watch TV.

Jaielyn Powell
01/14/2013 4:46pm

I disagree with you because I think that some parents aren't as strong willed as your mom is and they don't care if their kids are playing video games

Andrew Bino
01/22/2013 12:53am

If your a mom and you let your kid play video games to long, your a bad mom strong willed or not. You shouldn't have a kid if your going to but them at risk.

J. Alexus P.
01/14/2013 4:49pm

If you put this a blog not a social networking site I will object. Anyse I was stating my opinion.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 4:40pm

Anyse you say that in P.E. we can be physicaly active, but many kids don't like being forced to play sports ecspecially sports that they don't like. At recess we can play football, basketball, volleyball, wall ball, or even simply catch. Plus what ae we suppost do with alll the energy that we still have through out the day? In the video it says that kids have a hard time learning with all this energy, so how I see it if we get to have recess then we are basiclly giving our-selves a better chance to do better in school.

Felicity Robison
01/28/2013 4:52pm

Cee'Aaron I've to disagree with you, Anyse is right, we're basically physically active in P.E. yes a lot of kids don't want to be forced to play sports that don't like but it's part of staying active. I know that you mentioned that at recess we can play football, basketball, volleyball, wall ball and catch, but we don't some of that in P.E too, if you were here last semester then you'd know that we've done sports such as football, volleyball, and well catch sorta. So we don't reall need recess, this is just my opinion though, but hopefully most of the middle school students here will agree.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:05pm

I hav to with Jaielyn on this on Anyse. You mom is strong willeded an kind of scary at time.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:07pm

Typo I miss spelled have, sorry.

Jaielyn Powell
01/14/2013 4:44pm

I think that ACA should put in a recess time period for 7th and 8th graders. I think that we need it to get a break fromour classess. We have like, an extra 20 min homeroom time that we dont use except some teachers take advantage of it and use it for class not letting us do homework. I think that we could put recess in that time and then move some of the little kids recess to another time. I think that we have so much work and the only time we get to see our friends is between passing periods so I think that getting recess would help us get to see our friends more. I also think that we would get to do fun excersise not being forced to play stupid games and excersises in P.E. that we dont like. That's my opinion. I also think that we would make up for some of the time we are on technology.

Bree Hollier
01/14/2013 4:51pm

I think, we shouldn't take out time of our learning period to have recess. Since we have P.E. I truly don't think we need that extra time to play around. It has no meaning, because I beleive that we will abuse that time to talk. Like the girl in video said " We only have 15 minuets to talk". Those kids abuse that work out time, to talk. So, my thought personly is that I dont think we need recess.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 4:48pm

You made a reference to the video about what the girl said, but the video also stated that kids need to get all their energy out of their body so they can make it easier to learn. Yes I did hear what she said about just talking, but that could just mean her and her friends, and by the video you saw that there were some kids in shape and some weren't. I guess this all depends on how you look at the situation.

Felicity Robison
01/14/2013 4:57pm

I think we shouldn't have any recess/social time for 7th and 8th grade students. I think this because it'll take time out of our learning period. Another reason why we shouldn't have recess is because we're much older and we are abit out grown for recess. Plus since we've P.E that's technically like recess because we still get to run around and do activities/games.

Dj Howard
01/14/2013 5:08pm

Even though I do believe that recess can be used to reduce obesity, kids in 7th and 8th grade should be responsible for being able to find physical activities on their own outside of school. For those who do not have time for activities outside of school there is P.E which has physical activities and is longer than recess would be.

Anyse Dawson
01/14/2013 5:09pm

Well, Jaielyn, this is true, but still, even though we need more exercise, even though we don't have it at school, we can still have physical activities at home as well.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:13pm

Anyse not everyone has time to play at home like me I can't go out until my moms home and by the time she is home its dark and all kids are inside and I don't think I'm the only one. P.S. 10 blog replys. :)

Chase McNally
01/14/2013 5:12pm

I myself think that we shouldn't have recess/social time for 8th and 7th graders. I think that this is not necessary for we already have P.E. which is one of our major exercises of the whole day. Recess is something we don't need if we already have exercise in our daily lives.

Nicholas Callaghan
01/14/2013 5:15pm

I think that we should have a recess because it would drastically reduce the amount of stress in school. this would help the obesity problem because stress can lead to eating disorders which can cause it

CJ Kinsey
01/14/2013 5:44pm

I do believe and think that the youth of America is having more problems of being over weight or obese. I think it would be good for the kids to have at least 20 minutes of actual physical activity a day. It gives the kids a little bit of time to be with there friends and the are gaining from it as well. The teachers might also like it to because the kids will get therenenergy out, so they wont be so hyper and energetic during class time. The 20 minutes can be fun though because you are more likely to do the activity or exercise if you are having fun at the same time. So yes I think recess is important and we should have it.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:09pm

CJ is right ecspeacially for the energy part.

Felicity Robison
01/28/2013 4:45pm

Cee'Aaron it's especially.

Braydon Webb
01/14/2013 6:56pm

I have noticed that some kids have argued that we have PE, but think about it! Would you categorize push-ups and sit-ups as recess, or a body building class? If they had us do activities that we actually enjoyed, I would be more apt to consider it recess. What, are we 'too old' for FUN? I don't think so. That is completely absurd! a lot of the time, they dont even let us talk to our friends! Anyway, I would definitely not consider our PE class a recess time.

Braydon Webb
01/14/2013 6:58pm

Sorry, capital A in the 7th sentence.

Blake Wittmayer
01/14/2013 6:57pm

Once Ms. Good told me, if you have a child who's energetic, but wont stay on task- Give them a book and treadmill! You see we work all day but we sorta bottle up a bunch of energy, if you give us recess then we will release that energy thus helping us focus on schoolwork and our behavior.
P.S.- P.E. isn't "recess." It's self-inflicted torture by having

Braydon Webb
01/14/2013 6:59pm

Thank you Blake! For once somebody agrees with me!

Blake Wittmayer
01/14/2013 7:00pm

Sorry, I accidentally clicked the submit button when i tried to click the bottom right corner to continue typing. P.E. isn't "recess." It's self-inflicted torture by having to be forced to run for hours, and hours, and hours. (We really don't run for hours, I just hate running.)

Lynn Arshouk
01/14/2013 9:38pm

I don't think that the 7th and 8th graders should have recess. In the video the parents say their children always play video games and don't do much excersize. This is not the fault of the child, but the fault of the parent because they should have more control over their children and should tell them to excersize some more. You are the parent and you have control over the child.
Also, I disagree with Braydon. He says that PE is a body-building class and not recess. If this is the case then are you saying we need recess to sit with our friends because, yes, in recess we don't usually do sit-ups and push-ups, but if we do them in PE, we are still moving around and letting out our energy. If we are doing our excersizes in PE correctly, then we should not be obese. And PE is not all about sit-ups and push-ups. We do have games to let our energy out. So for the older kids, there is no need for recess.
Also, if in PE we are moving around, this is a much longer period of time then if we were to take aside time from class to have, maybe, 20 minutes of siting on a playground chatting with our friends. So in PE, whether we our running, doing push-ups and sit-ups, or playing dodgeball, we are still excersizing the same, if not more, as we would in reccess.

Anyse Dawson
01/16/2013 1:20pm

I agree with Lynn. I think that the parents should have more control over their child an give them time limits or different days that they play video games or watch tv an the other times on going outside or some other physical activity.

Jihaad Iqbal... Hi ( -.- )
01/15/2013 4:06pm

I strongly think that 7th and 8th graders should have recess. I think that because it helps us forget about stuff for about 30 min. It also can help us do late work or study for something.

Mr. Herr
01/16/2013 7:33am

So, Jihaad, help me out. Where do we insert this extra 30 minutes? At the end of the school day? At the beginning? Somewhere in the middle? Your plan reads as if recess helps with make-up work and knowledge gaining. How is that possible? Basically, the way I understand your comment is that forgetting "stuff" is good, and that recess helps with homework and the acquisition of knowledge. I'm confused; don't those two cancel each other out? Please explain.

Jihaad... AGAIN!
01/22/2013 7:06pm

Okay, earlier when i wrote that I didn't think it through. So i'll do it again. I think we SHOULD'NT have recess. I think that because kids wouldn't do any running or that much exercising. Also, they have enough time to exercise or play outside at home. People might say,'' Oh my son/daughter is obese because of no recess!!!'' Well they are wrong it's there fault that they are feeding them bad stuff.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:02pm

I think that Jihaad is right.

Victoria Kobow
01/28/2013 5:48pm

I think that Jihaad is wrong(sorry Jihaad!!!). Seventh and eighth graders should have a recess/social period. We need time to relax and work on homework. Some kids don't have time to exercise or play once they get home. Some kids have to work on their homework all night and/or do chores.

Kennedie ( angel and no it didnt hurt when i fell from heaven)
01/15/2013 5:23pm

I think that yea its important to get excersice but some people are really lazy or really have a problem with their weight, but they choose not to get up and do somthing about it. I think what I`m trying to say is that some people just don`t want to get up on their feet and do what it takes to get fit so they just deal with that problem. Being over weight is a bad problem but i don`t think that seventh and eighth graders don`t need recess because of all the workouts that we do in gym.I should now the workouts might be hard but they would`nt of made us do them if thye were`nt for a good reason. Everyone is supposed to do the workout for your health for you not to get over that weight limit thats says that your too over weight. I don`t like the workout more then all of the rest of you but everyone has got to start somewhwere don`t we? America and ACA do have some kids that are a little over weight that does`nt mean that they don`t care about their health, and I`m not saying that they care ,but what i am saying is that some people were born thick. Its up to them if they want to do somthing about their weight its alll up to them.

Brandon Bui
01/15/2013 5:33pm

I think that 7th and 8th grade at ACA shouldn't have recess. Us as kids should be able to get exercise at home. There are tons of more active things to do than to sit around and play video games. I dont necessarily mean like working out even though that would be the best thing to do. You can go for jogs or just play outside with friends to slowly burn calories to help lose weight.

Persephone Dahlman
01/24/2013 12:55pm

I agree with you Brandon. Kids like us could go outside and get exorcise instead of playing video games. And it is better to go and work out but jogging or playing outside can be good too.

Trevor Jones
01/15/2013 6:11pm

I don't think it would make that much of a difference to give kids time to be outside because most (like me) would jus talk with friends and not really do anything else.

Kennedie ( angel and no it didnt hurt when i fell )
01/15/2013 6:43pm

But you have to think about how not everyone is likie you others (like me) if we had something to keep everyone occupied that would you still just talk to friends or would you do the activity, or even what if you did`nt have friends when you went to recess what if you were with kids that you didn`t now at all or new their names but just didnt talk to them like you talk to others. Did you ever think about that one?

Karlie Spell
01/16/2013 5:02pm

I agree with Kayla. All we will do is just sit and talk and play on our phones. We actually have more physical activites in P. E. then we do if we did have recess. Its actually our job to take care of our own physical life. We are getting older and we need to learn to take care of our own problems.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/16/2013 5:03pm

Trevor I respect what you think might happen from your prespective, many people would propaply play some kind of sport or game unless they're are restrictions. Honestly we won't know what would happen until it happens, and it propaply won't happen.

kɑʏʟɑ ϻɛɴdozɑ 
01/15/2013 6:44pm

I think that we should not have recess. I know that people say we should so kids can lose wight, but the truth is that all we will do at recess is sit and talk with our friends and do no physical activities. I think having pe is more better than recess because we accualy do have to work out in gym no exuces for that. Pluse I know some kids say that we should because it could take our minds off of school for a bit but if we did some kids could get distracted and not focus on their work. Pluse if the child is going obese because of lack of physical activities that is the parents fault they should help their child get up off the couch and go outside and play. The parents are the ones who have control over their children they should do something if they see their child going obese.

Andy Perez
01/15/2013 7:20pm

I agree with Braydon, Jaielyn, Nicholas, and Jihaad that there should be recess. Like some people said,''it will help us to get all of our energy out.'' I also think there should be a recess because, a lot of kids will most likely not do any of the exercises in P.E. So we should have it so they can exercise however they want too, but if they still don't want to exercise then that's their lost.

Bree Hollier
01/16/2013 1:22pm

Yes Andy this is true but will everyone comit to " Getting our energy out" or will we just abuse the time to talk like we always do? I believe That we won't " Get our energy out.

Hayde Montoya
01/30/2013 5:32pm

I agree with you too Bree because it will just be the same as it is in P.E., people will talk and not do anything, and then there's that few percentage of people who actually do something to excersice. If we do have recess then people will mainly spend most of their time talking instead of doing something like "playing".

Adonte Hains
01/16/2013 1:29pm

Creo que debemos tener un período de tiempo de recreo. Esto es porque los niños están engordando y los niños tienen la necesidad de hablar y un exceso de nervios que se meten en problemas por gastar en clase.

Adonte Hains
01/16/2013 1:33pm

I think we should have a recreational period. This is because children are getting fatter and children have the need to talk and have excessive nerves and energy that they get in trouble for spending in class.

Tasnim Albosstani
01/16/2013 6:00pm

I disagree with whatever you are saying and will say. (:

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/16/2013 5:00pm

Personally I beleive that the seventh and eight grade should have recess. I mean it's really not fair that all other grades get to have recess, plus we only get to reliece all of our energy every other day at P.E. I really do what coach. Woosley and Coach, Sherman are trying to do for us, but still not everyone likes what we are doing in P.E. If we did have recess then maybe one person could play football while others play basketball. Maybe we should'nt have recess or a social time, but until I see a reason we should'nt have either of these two things then I'm staying with my opinion.

Felicity Robison
01/28/2013 5:06pm

Cee'Aaron I've noticed that you've made a lot of spelling errors but anyways that isn't what I'm going to say, I'mm just letting you know. Anyways I totally disagree wit your opinion. I strongly think we shouldn't even have recess in middle school, I also think it's fair that the othher grades have recess because they're younger than us, and I'm pretty sure they don't want to spend the whole day in class. I also see that you put that we shouldn't have recess/social time, and that you want a reason why we shouldn't have those two thing, well we shouldn't have recess because we've P.E. and P.E. is better than recess but that's my opinion. We shouldn't have social time either because then we would take time out of our learning period, and I'm pretty sure people want to study more then talk. We have about 15 minutes at lunch so basically that's our social time. There are your reasons why we shouldn't have either of those two things.

Tasnim Albosstani (((((:
01/16/2013 6:08pm

I really don't care if we have recess or not. I just think that if the people who are suggesting that we should have recess for "exercising " then they should just participate in PE. If that's all recess will be for, then they should just lengthen PE. But since it's obviously not, then the idea of having recess to help out the obesity problem is a fail. c: c: c: c: c: c: c: c:

RaNeEm AlBoSsTaNi
01/16/2013 9:12pm

I think that us,as middle schoolers should not have recess but to extend the amount of time for p.e and lunch . Most people sit around with their friends during recess,considering that we are in middle school. It's like a case of having video games or not. I think that some people can be dramatically affected by recess in good and bad. Good, this will give some kids a chance to catch up on late work or walk around with friends. Bad, would be when students sit around or give the opportunity to students of not focussing on the work.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 4:33pm

In my last reply I noticed that I didn't tell how to make recess possible for the 7th and 8th grades at ACA. To make this possible we might be able to either shorten 2nd and 3rd (6th and 7th) and cut lunch in half, or we can make 4th and 8th period and take thirty minutes to have recess/ social time.

Cee`Aaron Craft
01/17/2013 5:00pm

For pretty much all 8th graders who are trying to say that P.E. is the solution i see over half of the people in P.E. not even jogging or doing push ups. Do you know why they don't do the exercises? Not because they are all lazy it's because no one ones to be forced to play and be graded on sports they don't like.Plus you all say that you support P.E. but if you walk into P.E. you can see that many of you aren't doing the excercises. Finally P.E. isn't always fun I mean if you even talk at the before most of the class is over. Is that what you all call wild or fun times?

Felix Bui (FLDayDreamer)
01/17/2013 5:51pm

I think there shouldn't be recess because some people socialize instead of getting active. I also think that some people do arts and craft instead of playing. I think that middle school shouldn't have recess because we already have P.E.. Lastly, I think that we should play physical games in P.E., so we can have fun and get some exercise.

Brendan Waller ;)
01/17/2013 6:33pm

As America's obesity rate is rapidly increasing, there is a certain responsibility of people to stay healthy and fit. Although, yes it is a child's own responsibility, it is also a school's responsibility to make sure it's children are staying healthy. Why is it that recess stops when a child reaches middle school? To me, recess is a way to encourage physical exercise and I do not believe that a child should ever stop being encouraged to stay healthy. Although the problem is posed that some kids spend this time to sit and talk, this problem can be lessened easily. When children go out to recess, there should be a designated track where they must run a certain number of laps til they can go have free time. Also, beside the fact that it makes children healthy, it also allows for stress to be relieved. All the stress of school is taken off their backs for a relaxing physical 20 or so minutes. So as you can see, my views are that children should have recess.

Thaddeus Turner
01/18/2013 8:17pm

Recess Is For Younger Kids No, middle schools should not have recesses. Kids have four years of school left after middle school and recess is not offered for those four years. Recess is for the younger kids in the lower grades. By the time kids are in middle school, they need to be maturing and developing habits for adulthood. There is also the fact that a lot of kids in middle school are starting to think about dating and socializing so recess is not something likely to be on their minds...Also i understand what people are trying to say about the obesity thing. But look at this in p.e we do more exercises then we will ever do at recess.Mostly people who want recess just want more time to talk and are just using obesity to support.Also we have 30 minutes social time at lunch.. a total of 20 minutes of talking time during passing period and you have the begging and after school. Why cut classes short because people want to talk or or "exercise". physical education does way more help then recess.

Brandon Baron
01/27/2013 8:48pm

In high school the time you have after lunch is consitered your free time same at the jr. highs.

Skylar Foley
01/19/2013 11:49am

I do not think we need recess because we would walk around, play on our phones, and talk to our friends. We get exercise in P.E. The people that do not do the exercises in P.E are not going to do them in recess either. so i do not think we shoul have recess it will not make a differance.

01/22/2013 7:40pm

I disagree with you. Most boys like to play football during recess or kickball. And most people would not be on their phones because that's against school policy and they will get it taken away if they get caught. Just sayin.

Savannah Guerrero :)
01/20/2013 12:55pm

I think that middle school shouldn't have a recess. I think we are old enough to know when to stop eating and start exercising. If we are really that fat, then we should have the common knowlege to do something about it and fix the problem. For example: you could jog around your neighborhood or even participate in P.E. If you choose not to, then too bad your going to be fat. It's your choice.

Ericka Eidson
01/20/2013 6:25pm

I think that Middle School here at ACA should not have recess. Here at ACA we have PE at least two or three times a week, which should give kids enough time to get some exercise. If we had recess here, the time would be used for conversational time, not exercise time. I believe that there is no reason to have a recess because that is just a time that could be used for more classtime. Instead of having a recess and cutting out classtime, just take the time in PE to exercise. Besides, our days are already full of things to do, so why would you want to cram one more thing into it. Middle School should not have recess.

Jillian Cude
01/20/2013 7:23pm

I think that middle school students should get recess because we need social time in the day besides lunch. During lunch, most people are eating and can't always sit with all their friends. If we had recess, we would be able to talk to our friends and have social time. Recess may even cut down on the amount of talking during class and more people wouldn't get it trouble as much. Maybe 20-30 minutes of recess would be okay.So I think middle school students should get recess.

Cameron Murphree
01/21/2013 8:33am

I don`t think that people in 7th or 8th grade should have recess because the recess would take away time from learning. Some people at ACA are not doing very well at school and they need that time to learn. Also I thought those people would take that time of to do the work or study, but then I thought if I were one of those people I would be playing football or kickball on the parking lot. That is why I think that the 7th and 8th grade shouldn't have recess.

Tayseer Abubakar (the awesome one)
01/28/2013 7:39pm

I agree with Cameron if we get recess we wont really use it for excercising they will probally just talk with their friends it will just be a waste of time. For that time we could be studying. And if you want play go home school is for learning and to develop social interactions and comunication not for playing. If you want to talk, talk at launch. Thats why we shouldn't have recess.

Sara Gerges
01/21/2013 9:50am

As a middle school student, I believe that we are old and mature enough to care about our health and understand that we are at risk of being obese. We are old enough to take care of ourselves, our diet, and our health. I believe that our ACA middle school should not have recess because we already participate in physical education class every other day of the week. If you participate in this class, I think you should be just fine. Isn't the purpose of recess to tackle childhood obesity? If we did include recess in our schedule, I am pretty sure that most students will just use it for socializing, not to exercise and get fit. I also believe that if the child is obese, it is the parent's responsibility and not of the school. If the parent or child believes that they need to make some health changes, they need to find activities outside of school because the school already does enough for us by providing physical education class for us. Therefore I believe that we should not have recess.

Kyle Bickle
01/21/2013 11:39am

Yes middle school should have recess because A it's not fair and because I'm tired of seeing the little kids having a blast while we suposidly we get a "fun" WORKOUT!!!! in P.E. with no freedom at all.And also to prevent obesity and sore muscles we should get recess too.

Andrew Bino
01/22/2013 12:37am

I also think that recess is important for chilldrens health and fitness but i think we should just make PE more intense because its already a part of our school and if kids got recess some kids would just hang out instead of doing anything active but even if the kids ran all 20 minutes of the recess it still wouldn't make up for fatness they do it to them self so i think its more of a personal thing so a good solution is to make PE more intense by not leting kids ever slack off :)

Madeline Hale
01/22/2013 3:24pm

I believe that ACA middle school should not have recess built into their schedule. We have a ninety minute P.E. class every other day that we get exercise in. That ninety minutes is much longer than the fifteen minute recess we would get. Also, most people would not take that time to be active. Instead, most would probably sit and talk. I also believe that middle school is that transition time between elementary school and high school. In high school, and all of our educational career after that, we will not get recess. Getting used to that fact now, in the transition time, better prepares us for our future.

Jadan Ross
01/22/2013 4:09pm

I think 7th and 8th graders should have recess. We should have at lease 20-30 minutes a day or every other day, so that we can have time to talk move around. I also think it would decrease the talking in classes because we have that time to talk with friends. Even thought recess would not really stop obesity it would help kids to move around and be more active. Then sitting in classes all day.

Pact Garcia
01/22/2013 4:23pm

I believe that we shouldn't have recess. I know PE isn't really considered recess, but none of us have ever seemed to care about having recess or not.

PacY Garcia
01/25/2013 1:30pm

Sorry. I meant to put a Y instead of a T in my name.

Brendan Perry
01/22/2013 5:39pm

I would disagree with you cause maybe some kids really need some exercise or they wouldnt be around anymore but heres my answer. Why dont we have recess it seems like we have been putting in more time in school than we do recess. but i would like to see some sunlight than just stay inside and do work for the rest of the day.But im not sure where to put recess but i think just to add at least 25 min. at he end of the day.

ʍıןson ןopǝz -xXTheTrainKidXx ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
01/22/2013 6:01pm

I think we should have recess so we get shorter classes! :P Just kidding. Last year we had recess like 2 times. The first time it was fun but the second time kind of died away. yes i am aware that Americans are getting obese but that isn't the schools problem. It`s their problem. If they were really watching their weight they would stop eating so much donuts and stop going to Mc.Donalds so much and go watch weight more carefully.

Brittney Yongo
01/22/2013 6:49pm

Me being a middle school student, I believe that 7th and 8th grade should have recess. The reason I am saying this is because I have read many of the responses from both grades and I have seen that many people are saying that they don't want recess because we are too old and it is cutting out from our learning time etc. Honestly we have 7 hours five days a week of learning, I think that 20 minutes a day of just being outside won't make you fail your classes. I mean we don't have to go outside and literally exercise but just time to get fresh air and get some time to get your self together can be relaxing and can help you get through the rest of the day. Yes we also have P.E. too but that's not something that everyone enjoys doing is it? Recess at a younger age may be about playing tag and in the jungle gym but since we are older and more mature we can just have a little time to catch some fresh air from being cooped up in a desk all day. Yes we are too old for "recess" but I don't think that we have to act like we are "too old" to be outside for even 15 or so minutes after lunch just being outside and enjoying life. (: That's just my opinion! <3

Arelis Munoz(Bloody Rose)
01/23/2013 5:58am

I say that 7th and 8th grade should have recess unlike most people say that we shouldn't because it's taking out time from learning and i know that that is the most imortant thing in a childs life but we need time to talk with are friends and meat new people, as also be fit and that can give us some time refresh are brains. ;p

Brandon Baron
01/23/2013 11:15am

I think that we shouldent necisaraly have a recess but a time where we can relax and sit down out side or somewhere for 20 minutes or so. What we would do in this time is eather relive the stress from the classes that we had before and do homework or work for another class. Where we would get this time is we would take 5 minutes from the ending of each period and add it after lunch and we weould go out side or to our next class and relax.

Libby Jantz :D
01/23/2013 6:32pm

I think that Middle School should have a recess because some people can't handle working all day without running around outside or doing something to let their energy out. I know that we have P.E, but some people don't have very much fun in that class, and to let all your energy out, it helps if you have fun. Also, some people say that you can just do all that at home, but some people are busy with other things, or they can't go outside untill their parents get home. About how we are going to fit in recess, we could have it during the 20 extra minutes we have during homeroom. I just think it would be better if we had a bit of extra time to let out our energy.

Emily Stone <3, 7th grade
01/23/2013 7:06pm

I think we should not have recess in middle school. I mean, yes, we can have fun and not everyone likes P.E., but think about it. Some of you say "oh, we need recess, people are lazy." You're probably talking about yourself/people you know, right? Well, that's your choice. You choose to be lazy and play video games. And if you're lazy and play games, and you don't go outside at home, what makes you think you'll go outside at school? We basically have a little kid playground, and open space. So if you're one of those lazy people? If you're lazy AT HOME, you'll probably be lazy AT SCHOOL also. You'll sit and chat with classmates/friends, and not run around at all! Yes, boys will play football, but the kids who don't like football? They'll maybe play on the playground, get bored, and start chatting. Girls, what do we love to do? GOSSIP. We're going to sit and talk all the way through our recess time, and not run around. Yes, I would like to play soccer or some sort of game, but sometimes people never go through with what they say. Like if you say you'll do something crazy like a dare, who goes through with it? If you say you'll go on a crazy ride, who'll go through with it? Some people. But not everyone. The lazy. The people who don't have strong wills. So get up, get outside at home, and prove to yourself you're more than what you say but never do.

Hector Rivera
01/24/2013 7:50am

I think there should be an extended time or recess for middle school. The reason is that people need that time to talk or have fun with friends or other people. Also kids are not having good friends because they are getting no time to release energy and move their bodies so obesity won't happen. We should get recess for many reasons.

Emily Stone
01/24/2013 5:59pm

The are not having good friends because they are getting no time to release energy? That doesn't make any sense. Explain, please.

Persephone Dahlman :)
01/24/2013 12:50pm

I think that we shouldn't have recess for the 7th and 8th graders. It would be complicated to change our schedules to fit recess in there. Kids should be able to exorcise at home or go outside and play after school or something. Kids also can chose to eat healthier food, like more fruits and vegetables and less greasy foods.

Elisabeth Warner
01/24/2013 4:28pm

I think that 7th and 8th graders should be able to have recess. There are some people that might not be able to sit in a class rooms without stretching, all day. But I know for me personally, I learn better when I can clear my mind and get fresh air. Some people are saying that 8th graders should not get recess because we are going to be in high school next year and need to prepare for it. But even in high school they can leave for lunch and go outside, its something that everyone needs.

Kevin Tran
01/24/2013 6:54pm

In my opinion, I believe that 7th and 8th graders should have recess everyday, because of many reasons. The first reason, is that many kids are obese these days. Everywhere you go, you see at least ONE obese child on the road. Secondly, there are a lot of kids that are sad and feeling down because they have no friends. Both of these reasons are because kids don't have recess every school day. Another reason, is that we need to get some time to relax and chill. When you go outside, you get fresh air to breathe. I believe that these reasons are why we should get recess every day for 7th and 8th graders.

Emily Stone <3
01/25/2013 6:10pm

I disagree. You say, quote: "There are a lot of kids that are sad and feeling down because they have no friends...are because kid's don't have recess every school day." So, you're saying kids don't have friends because we don't have recess? Um, then how do we have friends in our classes? That we sit together at lunch with? If a new kid comes to the school, they make friends usually. It's not because of recess Kevin. That isn't a good excuse.

Hayden Canterbury..........or so you think...
01/29/2013 8:58pm

I agree, somewhat. Mainly with the obese part. Our motto is "wisdom, vigilance, courage, strength," well we cannot have strength if we have no exercise. The only class I can think of that gives us strength is P.E. but all they do is make us run, so I think recess is a vital need in our school.

Neiman mcadoo
01/24/2013 8:10pm

I agree that 8th graders and 7th graders should have recess because this would be the part of the day when we get to play football,soccer and other sports.I do agree that kids that are over weight do need to get i agree that we also 7th and 8th graders should get recess.

Neiman Mcadoo
01/24/2013 8:18pm

Another thing is that we do not really get the time to go outside and do recess because we are always having to get to a class and be on time.And we should do recess at home to because most of the time for some people all they do is play video games and nothing its not really the schools fault i think that we have time outside of school but inside we dont have that much time to play and go out for recess.

Abeer Toma
01/24/2013 10:09pm

I believe as young students we must get a heathy amount of exercise. And recess is good time to run around and also catch up with your friends. After sitting in a classroom all day . We become tired and dull , going outside in the fresh air and sunlight will help us . And I also think it can easily be aranged into our schedule . Plus who doesn't want recess?

Jemiah Williams
01/25/2013 11:41pm

In my opinion, I believe that there should not be recess during our school time or in any other Middle Schools . I strongly believe this because we will be graduating from High-school in 4-5 years, and we can't always depend on recess. Want to hang out with your friends? There are weekends, the summer, and other breaks. As for people who think it is a weight issue, when is going to be the parents job to do this stuff? They buy the food, they pay for extracurricular activities, lay off the Oreos and go do Zumba. Teachers have lives too, their job is to teach us, either way it'd be more homework and shorter classes. We already complain about homework, are you sure this what you want?

Kylee Schroer
01/26/2013 9:08am

I think that we should have recess. Maybe some people are saying no because of the actual word recess. To some people, the way they define recess, is playground time for little kids. They may be saying no because of the 'child' word. Maybe if Mr. Herr had said "free period" they would say yes.

Lucas Atayde
01/27/2013 1:50pm

I don't think middle schoolers should have recess. I believe that because well were not babies anymore and we should be able to get through the day without recess. On the other hand I think mabey we should have P.E everyday just to keep us fit. Also recess dosnt really mean you are going to be fit there are always kids that just sit and talk.Mabey another alternative is actually have health class not just spend a week on it in science.

Jaafar (afro about to grow) Salim
01/27/2013 6:05pm

As a student of ACA in my opinion I believe that there should be recess. The reason why I believe this is because as a student with homework and many other important curricular activities there is not a lot of time left in a day to be able to go outside and play or try to do workouts. I feel that maybe there could be at least two or three times a week where the students should be able to go outside to play or have some kind of organized game. This also could be the start of something big that could not only help our school, but even maybe our country because 1/3 of our country is obese. this could maybe help the new generation not be the same and fix the mistakes that people are making today.

Jessica Cude
01/27/2013 8:20pm

I think that 7th & or 8th grade should have recess. We need a time to talk to friends & to get our energy out. We have lunch to talk to our friends that we don't have classes with but we're too busy eating lunch to even be able to talk because our lunch period is short. PE is a way to get our energy out but P.E. isn't like recess though. P.E. is doing what the coaches telling us to do. Recess we can pretty much do what ever activity that we'd like. So I think that we should have recess because maybe it wouldn't make students as hyper and talkative in class.

Johnathan Pham
01/27/2013 9:48pm

I think 7th and 8th graders should have recess. P.E should be longer since we have it every other day. There are a lot of obese children the U.S. Recess and longer P.E classes would help obese kids lose weight. Even the kids that are not obese will gain muscle. The students might even become athletes. The students are stuck in a classroom while they could be enjoying fresh air outside.

Darby Johnson
01/28/2013 4:51pm

I believe that middle schoold should have a recess period. Even if it is for five minutes. I think some people need to take a break and get away from the work. We can get things off our minds. I know that the 8th graders are going to go to high school next year and that we need to get use to it, but in high school we get more freedom than recess. I think recess helps you in a positive way, there is nothing negative about recess.

Paloma Flores
01/28/2013 8:06pm

I think middle school should have an "off" period. Not necessarily to exercise, because we already have a designated period for that, but just to relax. I believe we deserve to take a break from our classes because we are hard workers and at some point we might just need a break. In some cases people think we need recess to exercise but I think that is our own responsibility. It is in our own hands whether we want to be healthy or not.

Hi, its Hayden...
01/29/2013 8:51pm

I completely agree, that way you are not forced to go and exercise and you have the option to work on any school homework if necessary. This would be a great thing to have at ACA.

(sir) Joshua Miller
01/28/2013 8:15pm

I believe that ACA 7th and 8th graders should have a recess because many kids in America are becoming obese and you don't want that to happen! So here are the rules,1. No phones at all during recess 2. You will have 30 min each class 3. You must run around the track at least twice when out there

(same) Joshua miller
01/28/2013 8:17pm

We have a lot of extra time in each class! Let's use it for recess!!!!!!

(Same as same) Joshua Miller
01/28/2013 8:19pm

P. P. S .
Gym does NOT count as recess! AT ALL!

Mackenzie Rieter
01/28/2013 9:16pm

I believe there are pros and cons to recess for middle school. I`ve seen what middle school kids do in there free time. They just stand around and talk. Some of them might even get their phones out. Plus, back in elementary school, as it got closer to recess, the kids were less focused. There are a few good things also. Some kids would actually exercise during the time allowed. This also might improve grades. Sometimes, time away from class is actually helpful. Either situation might work.

Claire Garza
01/29/2013 3:50pm

I believe we should have recess, maybe not the exact same as when we were little but a recess. If not recess then why not a free period? We can shorten the classes some and put those extra minutes towards our free time. I also think this free time will help because it is exercise and it will help us to focus more in class if we can get our energy out and talk to our friends so we aren't talking a lot in class. Also if the classes are shortened it will help us focus more because we zone out after so long and the classes are pretty long. Also I don't think lunch counts as free time because that is when we need to eat and if we eat that doesn't leave much time to talk to friends or if we talk we don't eat all our food. So I believe we should have a free period.

Ashlee Story
01/29/2013 5:01pm

I think we shouldn't have recess because we'd have to stay later for school and I don't want that. We have P.E. anyways and that's enough exercise for me.

HaPpY bIrThDaY Mr. Herr
01/29/2013 5:04pm

From Ashlee

Isaiah Butler
01/29/2013 5:18pm

I personnally do not think you should not have recess we have pe so why would you have recess and if a child is obiese than tell him to get of ps3 and do some push ups or sit ups I mean really people its the parents and the kids problem the school should not step in any more other than school physical education and if we do add recess it will only be thirty min any ways what's that gonna do give them more time to eat.

Chaz depoy
01/29/2013 7:49pm

I think we should have recess because we can get fit, but have fun at the same time. So it won't be like all "shoot I have to work out today". So kids would have fun playing and getting fit at the same time. It should only last about 20 min so it does not mess up our classes.

Chaz Dpoy
01/29/2013 7:50pm

I ment Depoy

CJ Kinsey
01/29/2013 7:57pm

You said the kids would get fit during recess if we had one. I know for a fact because i see it in P.E. that not everyone will participate so for that majority of the students they will not be benefitted from this change!

|>HAYDEN|< (canterbury) (not kintleberry) >:l
01/29/2013 8:48pm

I think that we need recess as a part of our daily routine. It is a vital need for kids our age. Our county has a large number of obese children and I think that is because they do not get any exercise. It also gives us a time to relax and calm down. When we eat, we gain more sugar which therefor gets us more energetic. Both my teachers I have after lunch say we are to hyper, and need to calm down! I think our lunch should be extended longer so that when we are done, we can go outside at our own pace. Another thought I had was to have a "free period" where we could work on homework, relax outside, have a healthy snack, or play around for exercise. If this were to be in place, i beleive more students would be excited to come to school and would be much more focused on work to recieve better grade.

Jenna Parrish
01/29/2013 10:42pm

I think that we need recess. I believe this because it's a time for kids to actually exercise. I know that lots of kids don't do anything in p.e and this is time were they can play games like tag for instance and get a good amount of exercise in. Also it's a time for kids to let loose and get all of that energy that's being built up while sitting for and hour or so in class and letting it be put to use. When we used to have recess I knew lots of kids that did homework or studied for tests during recess and it actually benefited them.

Mya Wright
01/29/2013 11:11pm

I think we should Because we never get talk in classes, and barley
see our friends. Lunch doesn't count because Mr Flood is so Quick to take our talking time away, like today. Last year seven grade got free time every Thursday but six grade didn't, Now six grade got recess. REALLY!?!?!?!

Jocelyn Morales
01/30/2013 7:03am

I agree with Pacy and Persephone..we shouldn't have recess, mostly because since we have P.E. to work out and exercise to keep our body shape.Recess doesn't work that way, and that will change the schedules.

Emily Nguyen
01/30/2013 6:34pm

No I don't think we should get recess because there's really no point. Yes we need excersise but we have PE for that. We are older now anyways. Recess is behind us. We've enjoyed it as a kid. It is nice to go out once in a while but not all the time. It takes up time from class. I wouldn't recommend having recess at this age.

marissa garcia
01/30/2013 9:36pm

I think we should have recess because people are going to start laying down and being lazy and might get use to that
and start eating and get fat

Baylee Smith
01/31/2013 4:28pm

I think that the no recess rule should be not aloud,peoplecould need excercise

Gregory McDonald
01/31/2013 8:39pm

I think that middle school students should have recess as part of the school day. As mentioned in the video, no recess is contributing to the obesity in our country. Middle school is especially important, because these are the years in which we grow the most and eat the most food to continue to grow. Not being able to work off or use that food during recess is making kids obese. How hard is it to take 20-30 minutes out of the 7 and a half hour school day for the students to have fun and relieve stress from their classes. So, yes, I say that middle school needs to have a recess. We also have P.E. But that isn't always fun. Sometimes you need to suck it up and do what needs to be done to keep you healthy. The game days in P.E., in my opinion, were created as an alternative to recess. It will never fully replace the joy that comes from playing with your friends on a set of monkey bars or playing tag in the parking lot. Why can't schools just cut out a few minutes of class time and replace it with recess?

Jagger Peterson
02/01/2013 4:37pm

I think that recess/social time should be allowed in middle school, because kids are cooped up in class rooms learning all day, and never get time to relax. I think that recess should be held right after second period, and we should take 5 minutes off of every class, so we can have a 20 minute recess.

Kylyn miller
02/05/2013 8:09pm

I think we do need time outside it will help out obese it will them get into shape

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